Ferret Care

The Legal Aspects of Owning a Ferret

Ferrets are considered to be exotic pets and it is only legal to own one in 48 states. This is because some people are concerned about their unpredictable behaviour, which in some cases have led to unprovoked attacks against humans.  



But in general, local authorities meaning the city or the county government can decide to follow these guidelines, make stricter rules or not agree with it. Two states that prohibit ferrets as pets are California and Hawaii.  


So you know if you can own a ferret where you reside, you should get in touch with your wildlife and game department to obtain a current copy of the ordinances. In some places, you will be required to get a license.  Remember, that ignorance of the law is no excuse when you get caught.  


In states that allow you to have ferrets as a pet, you have to comply with some general laws as well. First, your ferret must be vaccinated against rabies by six months of age using the USDA licensed rabies vaccine. A copy of the vaccination certificate must be filed with the clerk of the city or town within 30 days where the ferret resides. Lastly, rabies vaccination must be administered annually. 


People who want to own a ferret may do so as long as it is neutered or spayed at the time this was purchased. It should have also been given inoculation against distemper and a copy of this should also be kept when this is asked for by the authorities.  


For breeders, the person can only do so by obtaining a license from the local gaming and wildlife department. This has to be renewed annually and when the offspring are sold to the public, they also have to be neutered or spayed before the sale is made.  


Schools or research institutions may acquire a ferret for scientific study provided breeding shall not be offered for sale or trade.  


In the past, ferrets were used to assist hunters go after other wild animals. Another provision states that it is unlawful to do so through the use of a ferret.  


If ever the owner does not want to keep the ferret anymore, the person is not allowed to release it into the wild. It is also prohibited to sell these to the pet shop. The best thing to do will be to turn this over to an animal shelter so this can be given a better home.  


But on a lighter side, what should you do if ever you have a ferret? Owners should always give them the right food consisting of those rich in protein and low in fats to make them healthy. Water should be given using a bottle or a bowl so they do not get dehydrated.  


The owners should also be sure that the ferret leaves in a safe environment. This can be done by letting the ferret stay in a cage and making the place ferret proof so they do not injure themselves or cause damage to your house.  


Ferrets will sometimes get carried away and do some bad things. When this happens, you must never hit them and instead find a more constructive way of telling them that they should not do it again. Most importantly, love your ferret because when you do, they will also love you back.

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