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How to breed your discus fish 

We all know for a fact that taking care of Discus Fish can get quite expensive. This is why you need to breed them especially if you are a Discus Fish enthusiast. You need to know that Discus Fish are great breeders and in some instances, you will see that they will breed in your tank without you even knowing about it. With some proper guidance, you will be able to start breeding Discus Fish which you can keep or you can even sell for profit.  




To start the breeding process, you may want to purchase a breeding pair. The dealer of the Discus Fish will be able to give you some options and pricing information to get you started in the breeding of Discus Fish. This is the easy way to breed Discus Fish but it can also be expensive. 

The great thing about starting this way is that the Discus Fish will start to mate in just a couple of days. This mesmerizing fish though comes with a hefty price tag. Some sellers have been found to be selling their discus fish in the northern region of 250 dollars. That is very stiff indeed, especially if you want to have more than one discus fish, and if you’re going to breed them, then a pair would certainly be needed. The downside is that this method can be quite expensive with each pair costing around 200 to 300 dollars. 

If you want to save money, you can consider purchasing a group of at least 6 juvenile Discus Fish. In this method, you will simply hope that the sexes of the fish you purchase are different. The drawback is that breeding is not a hundred percent guaranteed but for most people, this method never failed. This is a great option for people who are just starting out keeping and breeding Discus Fish as they are less expensive. 


You will be able to tell that which pair is the mating pair. Discus Fish will establish territory within the aquarium and you will see them defending it against the other fish in the tank. This means that they are getting ready to breed. You have to keep an eye on the mating pair as you will need to move them in to the breeding tank. In order for the breeding to be successful, you have to get a separate tank for the breeding pair. 


By getting a separate breeding tank, you will free the breeding pair from stress. Just remember to maintain the PH level of the water in the breeding tank stable and you also have to remove leftover foods to avoid wreaking havoc to the quality of water. 


When they reach adulthood, you will soon observe that if there is indeed a pair, both of them will soon claim a space in the tank, and start protecting it. This pair will then be your breeding pair. Have a breeding tank ready as soon as you discover them. A breeding tank should be separate from the main tank so as to protect the spawn, at the least; your breeding tank should be 20 gallons. 


When you have finally established your discus fish breeding tank, transfer some of the water from your original tank, this will prevent your discus fish from experiencing stress in being exposed to a new tank. Don’t put any gravel or sand inside your tank, this will make it easier for you to clean your tank from leftover food. Just place inside a vertical surface where your discus fish can spawn. You can use an upside down pot made from ceramic, or a plant.  


IT is imperative that you check on the water from time to time for rise in the water temperature and ammonia level. Daily cleaning is also a must. If you want to save money breeding discus fish, and then prevent them from dying, clean water will increase your chances of breeding discus fish from your initial investment.