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Rabbit Care Basics

There’s no greater joy than having a pet rabbit. Young and adult alike find this furry creature so adorable. When rabbits are treated as a member of the family, his intricate nature and personality will shine through. The rabbit will bring so much happiness and delight and even challenges. But first and foremost, you must know and be aware of all the rabbit care basics. In this way, you will get the utmost from your pet rabbit and they will bring you so much happiness that you’d be so grateful you decided to have them around. Imagine when they start to breed; you will soon have as much as dozens of tiny fuzzy creatures in the nest box. It will be very rewarding. Just make sure that both of the parents are in good health and free from any defects and abnormalities.


Owning a pet is such a big responsibility thus very much rewarding. Giving these furry creatures extra load of love, care and attention are just some of the factors of rabbit care basics you need to consider before you adopt them. You must devote extra time too and money for their special needs. Unlike humans, they do sometimes have different needs though food and shelter and even medicines are their primary necessities. You should also make sure that they are consuming the right kind of food in the right amount. Too much food could cause obesity and other health problems. Obese doe (female rabbit) could find it very hard to conceive. But not all pet rabbits have the same needs of rabbit care basics. Baby rabbits and unsprayed rabbits require extra and different attention rabbit care basics.


Opposing, to what other say about having rabbit as pets, these cuddly creatures require financial investments. You will need enough time to make your rabbit familiar with his surroundings and let it run on the house but be sure that your rabbit is safe from any danger. Rabbits are very smart and have feelings too, make sure that you consider their feelings too.


Rabbits weight depend on their sizes, some rabbits weigh 3 ½ pounds, which is the normal size, which is usually 9 to 12 pounds, and bigger rabbits could almost weight as much as 22 pounds or more and could be much bigger and heavier that cats or dogs. A smaller rabbit probably requires a smaller room compare to bigger rabbits, but just like the big bunnies, small bunnies need more patient in training them.


Rabbits must have unrestricted diet plan so as pellet consumption for this are very high in calorie content and treats of food such as fruits and veggies are far much better than any kind of human sweets. Still you need to give your rabbits small amounts of these foods because of the caloric content it has and this could make your rabbit very ill. Timothy hay and oats are very essential on your rabbit’s diet. The pellets must not be filled with any grains, sunflower seeds or any kind of nuts. While this might look yummy to them, these nutty seeds are very harmful to their digestive system and could make messy stools.


Rabbits are great munchers. They like to chew on almost everything. Some household plants and even electrical cords are rabbit’s munchies. Make sure they didn’t get their tiny mouths on it for it could make them very sick if swallowed or even death.