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Is a Ferret For You?

Can ferrets be pets? The answer is yes just like owning a cat or a dog. All you have to do is provide them with the same kind of attention you would with any other animal you choose to have at home so they will be able to stay with you for a long time. Do ferrets make good pets? Some will agree to this while others will say no.    


Ferrets are considered to be “unusual” in the pet industry because a lot of people would still prefer a bird, cat, dog, fish or hamster. In fact, some states in North America and a few countries do not allow you to own one. But one thing for certain is that they are in demand right now and they are ranked number three as the pet to have in the home.  


The issue centres around the safety of the people who own them especially since these animals have very sharp teeth and although they are already domesticated, they will bite if ever they are provoked. This is why parents are discouraged from getting one if there are small children around but if they still choose to do so, they must never leave them unattended.  


The worse part about getting bitten by a ferret is that it can carry and transmit rabies just like dogs. This is the reason that pet owners should make sure their ferrets have been vaccinated. Neutering is another thing that has to be done to control the number of domesticated ferrets.  


Ferrets are also very curious creatures and if you don’t like them messing up your home, you should make sure your house is ferret proof. Ferrets can only survive if they are entertained and are in a safe environment. This means making your home ferret proof because they could cause serious damage to your home and harm to themselves. You can do so by sealing small spaces which they may enter, reinforcing wires and securing air ducts.  


Here are some interesting things that you should know if you decide to own a ferret.  


First, ferrets are cute. They come in black, brown, white or with mixed fur. They are longer than hamsters as they can grow up to 20 inches in length, 5 inches in height and weigh about 2 to 4 pounds. male ferrets are heavier and grow much longer than the female.  These creatures can live for 7 to 10 years with tender and loving care from their owner. Because ferrets are small, you don’t need to buy a huge cage. Surely, the ideal kind which measures 18” x 18” x 30” will not take that much space inside your home. Ferret cages are available cheap at  Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Stand


Second, they sleep for more than 18 hours every day but when they are awake, this is the time that you need to feed and play with them.  


Third, they do not like being caged so give them some room to move about in the house. So although you have a cage, remember that they need to come out so both you and the creature can have some fun.  


Fourth, they are very playful creatures. This will allow you to hold them instead of just looking through the glass to see what they are doing.  


Fifth, they are very curious creatures. They love to crawl to dark places like inside your pants or under the couch. They love to hide as well as jump from high places. Ferrets take naps in the most unusual places. If you don’t want to squish or hurt them, check under the cushion before you sit down because you could hurt them.  


Sixth, ferrets have a very poor eye sight but this handicap increases their other senses like their hearing and smelling enabling them to find food or go to you.  


Seventh, they are very affectionate, friendly and sociable even if there is another ferret in the house. But, each ferret is different so your experience is much different with another just like the people you meet in the neighbourhood.  


Eighth, ferrets are intelligent animals. Ferrets can be trained to do just about anything just like a cat or dog. Reinforcement theory is the best approach here by rewarding them with food when they do something right. They can be trained to perform some tricks and toilet trained so you don’t see any litter or stain on your carpet.  


Ninth, ferrets are not noisy since they don’t bark. These creatures do not make a lot of noise in the house. The only thing you have to be concerned about is cleaning up the mess that they caused. They also don’t go outside as long as the doors, windows and vents are secured so there is no way that they will ruin your garden or that of the neighbour’s. But, every animal needs to exercise and giving your ferret a workout is not that difficult. You can take them out for a walk using a small harness.  


Tenth, ferrets are also easy to feed. Just make sure that what you buy contains high levels of protein and low levels of fat. This must never be rich in carbs or sugar or ever replaced with food that is intended for other animals. Read more about Ferret Care 




Those who want to own a ferret can either buy one from a breeder or adopt one from the shelter. Before you pay for it and fill up the forms, make sure you know how to take care of it because that responsibility is now in your hands. You will also have to check if it is legal to own one where you live and if there is a vet that will treat it if there are any problems. You have to be one hundred per cent sure you are ready to take on the responsibility because most shelters are not willing to take it back and this creature will have a hard time adjusting to the wild if you choose to set it free.  


Just like other pets, they also need to be cleaned, vaccinated and undergo regular check-ups.  


If you are not ready, put it off until you are committed to take care of a ferret as a pet. 

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