Ferret Care

What do Ferrets Eat

Ferrets have a unique diet compared to other animals. This is because they need one that is rich in protein and low in fat. Aside from that, it must also not be rich in carbs and sugar.  


Perhaps the best one to buy in the market is Totally Ferret. The problem is that it is not always available in the market. As a result, owners have to switch to something else like cat food and some examples of these include Iams, Science Diet and Pro Plan.  



The products mentioned are not soft cat food which does not contain less protein that has the tendency to lead to tooth decay. Although these are quite expensive, buying an 8 pound bag of any of the brands mentioned will last up to 2months.  


But ferrets in general are carnivores so when you feed them, make sure that you are using two types of food at all times ideally meat and poultry. This will prevent them from being stuck on only one type of food so they won’t have a hard time adjusting later on.  


Aside from food, you should also give your ferret supplements. Examples of these include Ferretvite and Ferretone but only in moderation.  


Using the right food will prove to be worth it when you notice that your ferret is very energetic and their coat are in excellent condition. Of course, you will still need to groom it by combing the hair and giving it a bath every so often because they tend to smell when they get dirty.  


Once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to feed your ferret some small pieces of fruit and vegetable. The same goes with sugar free cereal. This must never be given in large quantities as this causes gastrointestinal upset, a possible blockage and even malnutrition.  


As your ferret grows older, you should change their diet to kitten food because studies have shown that these too much protein may cause kidney problems. This should only be given if ever your ferret is recovering from an illness or has undergone surgery.   


Some ferret owners believe that a raw food diet may also work. One good example is raw meaty bones which, helps prevent tartar from forming on the teeth and also provides calcium in their diet.   Because of this diet, you will have a more active ferret around the house that has excellent coat condition. You don’t have to clean up that much after your pet because it also decreases the stool volume as the food ingested is absorbed by the body and their natural scent is greatly decreased.  


Those who want to try the raw food diet should not be worried if ferret’s stool turns white to a greyish colour because this is only temporary and will soon return to normal.  Since it takes time for the pet to adjust, you can mix it with ferret food that can be purchased from the store then gradually decrease this with raw bones from either meat or poultry.  


Knowing what do ferrets each is just one of the many steps for those that want them to live for a long period of time. Proper care, attention and love are also needed because these creatures are great to have when you need a friend to take your worries away. 

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