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Fabulous Tips for Training Ferrets


Training ferrets is both a daunting and exciting task. You never know what you’ll exactly get from doing so, but if you are a true blue ferret lover, you know that every drop of perspiration is truly worth it.  


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 1: Easy does it


There is a heavy excitement and set of expectations that troubles every eager ferret owner, but if you really want to keep the training into a positive experience, easy definitely does it. If you rush your pet to do tricks even for a single second, they will have it etched in their memory and may not be as open for new tricks the next time you try to teach them. Develop the relationship and enjoy each stage.  


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 2: Do it out of genuine love.  

Ferrets are lovable creatures with high instincts. If they feel threatened in any way, they will quickly scurry off your grasp and you will be back to square one in the training process. Save yourself some heartache by ensuring that the training is not mainly performance- based but something that you will do for free and genuinely out of love for your pet and the desire to have it belong in your household in the best possible way.


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 3: Get some tips from experts.  

Experts may have their own tricks up their sleeve with regard to training ferrets. There is much risk and many things could go wrong as you train your ferrets. Having someone older who can readily help you with the training can be of substantial importance. Aside from this, the ferrets themselves may also do well to have a senior ferret accompanying them as you train them. This way, they will have a fellow ferret to emulate. Just make sure that the senior ferret is trained well and advanced.  Read more about how to Train Ferrets


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 4: Brush up on your background knowledge.  

Hate biology? Well, if it’s for your ferret, you need to brush on some of the basic things you need to know about your ferret: colour, type, age, behaviour and other idiosyncrasies included. This background knowledge will save you time and will answer most of the questions you can encounter as to why your ferret responded a certain way when you did something.  


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 5: Have a constant time and place for training.  

Consistency will condition your ferret best. Have a constant time and place for training. Associate it with the indoors or your home if possible so that the ferret will be conditioned to be at their best behaviour at home. Once they have mastered the tricks at your specified place, slowly deviate and have them do the tricks at another place so that they can be more versatile in their learning.  


Fabulous Ferret Training Tip Number 6: Develop an instinct for your ferret trainee.  

If your ferret is sick, under some form of attack or unusual condition, they may not be open for training. Heighten your senses and be attuned with your pet’s pain tolerance. Though they are generally strong creatures, have regular check-ups with the veterinarian to ensure that they are fit and ready to be trained with new tricks. The adjustments may take a toll on them, considering the fact that these ferrets are naturally wild.


There are no clear-cut rules in training ferrets. In fact, there may even be unexpected events that can occur midway in your training. Despite the desire to achieve results with your ferret, do not sacrifice important things such as health and ability to roam free at dusk or dawn. This way, they will be as happy as you are in training them and making them into better pets.   

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