Pet Fish-Why Discus 


Before anything else, there are many advantages in owning a pet fish. First you won’t need to take them for walks, you don’t have to give them baths, they don’t demand much attention, and you don’t really have to clean up after them after every while. Yes they still need some looking after but not as much as compared to our canine and feline friends. This doesn’t mean though that once you have your tank, filled it up with water, and purchased your feed then your all done. There are still quite a few things that you have to do to ensure that they will live a long time and save you the anxiety of having to buy new fish every time.    


The aquarium is not typically what you would first think when talking about pets. In fact, most of us would instantly depict an image of a dog inside our mind, or maybe even a cat. But many homes today do have fish tanks and they are not just for ornamental or design purposes. Yes they do look good, that is a given. Fish tanks and the fish themselves are also effective stress relievers. That’s why many people today would rather own fishes. And one of the fish breeds that many aquarists choose is the discus fish. 

If you’re thinking about keeping an exotic fish, you should consider getting a Discus Fish. They are considered by a lot of people as one of the most captivating fish species that you can ever have. Discus Fish are so beautiful that because of the demand for it in the market, one Discus Fish alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. 


Discus Fish is one of the most popular types of fish to have as a pet. They are very colourful and they also live for a few years. They are freshwater fish native to the Amazon River basin and are very popular as aquarium fish. In fact, Discus Fish are so popular that in several Asian countries, breeding this kind of fish is a major industry. 


It would be easy to understand why so many fresh water fish enthusiast loves the discus fish. It’s very attractive and most definitely one of the most beautiful creatures that one can keep in an aquarium. Some would disagree saying that there are others more beautiful but that is just a matter of opinion, an opinion that millions of aquarium owners have made by owning a discus fish today.  


With its beauty, there’s a trade-off. They are very hard to maintain and they are very temperamental creatures, which are very sensitive to water quality and the food you feed them. 


Unlike other normal household pets, fishes are much more fragile. The discus fish is geared more as a tool for visual enjoyment rather than being cuddly and playful, like a dog or cat. Aside from that, they need more looking after, providing them with an adequate environment where they can breed and live healthy. This is not to dissuade you; fish owners know how rewarding an aquarium can be. To many, this relieves stress effectively.