Adopt a healthy dog  

A successful adoption means adopting a dog that is in excellent condition. It is essential for his health, comfort, and relationship with his new owner. 


Asking the breeder for a health certificate is a good start. You also need to know what the health certificate covers. At its best, the dog should have been checked by a veterinarian to ensure his overall good health. He should be free of any illnesses and health conditions. The dog you adopt needs to have the range of immunizations appropriate to his age. The de-worming treatments suitable for his age must be done before you adopt him. All these factors go into adopting a dog that is in ideal condition. 


A good breeder will also provide a written guarantee of the dog’s health and condition when you decide to adopt. Depending upon the breeder, this can include an agreement to refund your money or exchange the dog for a different one. These guarantees are usually valid for a specific length of time.   


While your dog’s physical health and condition make for a successful adoption, his psychological condition is equally relevant. Although a good breeder keeps his dogs psychologically fit, your new dog may come with attitudes or behavioural problems that you had not considered when you adopted him. This is another reason why visiting your dog before you adopt him is a good idea, if it is possible. If not, you may need to rely on the breeder for complete honesty about these issues.   


Even a dog who has been treated well and taken care of properly by his breeder can be difficult. He may be moody, aggressive, aloof, or even depressed. Adopting him and bringing him into a new environment can increase these kinds of problems. When you know about them in advance, it can help you to take his special needs into consideration. You might decide to adopt a different dog entirely, or plan for your new dog to fit better into your home and be more comfortable. 


The physical and psychological condition of your new dog can mean the difference between a successful adoption and heartache. You want the best dog you can find, and to be assured that all reasonable precautions have been taken for him to have a long, healthy, happy life. The small amount of time which you invest in being sure he is in good condition will benefit both your dog and yourself for many years to come. Life with your new friend will be the wonderful experience you are looking forward to.