Considering Getting a Dog

Dogs are arguably one of the best companions that a human can find, so it goes without saying that getting one has probably crossed your mind at least once before. If you have gone beyond just thinking about it and have begun to seriously consider the option of getting a dog, then it is important to know what you will be getting into. It is very easy to see the appeal of owning a dog, but there are many responsibilities and commitments that are involved.

When you are planning to adopt a dog, there are some very important points to keep in mind to make sure that you are delighted with your new dog. They can mean the difference between regretting your decision and having a wonderful new friend whom you will enjoy and cherish.   


Sometimes, people jump into the decision of buying a dog without taking time to think through the decision. When the decision to get a dog as a pet is made without care, the owners and the dog suffer equally from it. A dog can be a great addition to your family as long as you are all in it together. A dog needs lots of attention and training in order to be a joy instead of a pain. Also think of the type of dog you wish to get.  



For one thing, owning a dog is a usually a 10-15 year commitment, since that is how long a typical dog will live.  This means that your dog will be with you through whatever life stages you live through, including dating, marrying, and having children.


One mistake to avoid is buying a dog on the spur of the moment.  You may see a dog in a pet shop, or read an ad in the newspaper, and decide that you absolutely must have that dog.  A hasty decision in purchasing a new dog is never a good idea.  Instead, you should read through this book, learn all there is to know about the breed of dog you are thinking about, and decide if he will fit well into your life and your home. 


Before you run out and purchase a dog, take time to carefully consider your decision. Think about your current lifestyle. How would bringing a new dog into the picture affect things? Do you have enough time, energy and money to adequately support bringing a dog into your family? Sure, the idea sounds great now, but is it a wise choice? It is important before making any more progress with your plans to be sure that everyone in family and even those people who work in house really want a puppy. In order to manage a puppy successfully, It must be wanted by all the family and they must all feel equal goodwill towards it.


Along with this, having an adorable, friendly canine companion around you for so many years will inevitably lead to some attachment.  No one likes to think about death, but sooner or later the reality of mortality will come into full view, and you should be prepared to deal with the loss.  If you are married with children at the time of your loss, the pain will affect more people than just yourself.


Dogs, just like children, require a lot of your time and attention.  Though they don’t need constant attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they do require you to spend at least a few hours a day to play around and exercise outside.  Dogs that do not receive enough attention or care may develop behavioral issues. The confident happy dog, which feels that the world is a reliable place where human behavior is consistent, will bring you compliments everywhere.


Dogs will also be very affectionate and will want to be around you for much of the time you are at home.  They will even sleep near you when they take naps and may even want to sleep in the same bed as you.  Be prepared to take a firm stance on this if you do not want your dog to sleep in the same bed as you do. Have we sufficient Space for a dog indoors and out? Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time during a day. Going to work should be fine as long as you have a crate, but remember your dog had physical needs also. Can we provide companionship and interest for the dogs for the greater part of the day, especially when it's young?


On the other side of the coin, not all the time you spend with your dog will be fun.  They require you to feed them, give them water, clean them, and pick up after them.  Periodic visits to the vet are also something you should be prepared for.  Whether it’s for a yearly checkup, an examination regarding an illness, or emergency visits, visits to the veterinarian will cost you some money.


If you are sure that you can handle bringing a dog into your home and you are sure that you have what it takes to really care for your dog, then move ahead with caution and begin to research what kind of dog might be best for you. A dog is not a dog is not a dog. Each variety of dog is different and requires vastly different care. Learn what you can about the dogs you are interested in before making a purchase.


It is great to visit people who own the kinds of dogs you are interested in. See what their lives are really like with a dog in the picture. The more research you do, the better off you will be when you finally bring a dog into your home. Learn all you can from other dog owners and get their wisdom for you.


Do you choose a male or female dog? If you find your male dog is trying to dominate your household and he is unneutered, take him to your veterinarian and have him neutered. This should stop the aggressive behavior also.


Prepare your family before bringing a dog into your home. Talk honestly about the responsibilities that bringing a dog into your home will mean. Divide up those responsibilities so that everyone feels like they have an important part to play. A family will always do better with a dog when they have a right understanding of the work and commitment it will take to keep the dog alive and well.


Another mistake is to underestimate the cost of a new dog.  Whether you choose an expensive purebred or a mixed breed, buying a dog is far from being the only cost involved.  Your dog will need food and other supplies, and visits to the veterinarian.  As you want your dog to always be in the fine condition as when you first bought him, you need to know that you can afford his upkeep.


Another factor in disappointment is trying to recreate a relationship you had with a dog in your childhood or youth.  You may be tempted to think that all dogs of this particular breed are exactly the same.  You can avoid disappointment by realizing that every dog is an individual-- just like people.  Your new dog’s personality and needs may be much different from the dog you had before, even if he is the same breed. 


You should also avoid getting a dog solely because a member of your family wants one.  Regardless of which person is actually in charge of the dog’s daily upkeep and maintenance, when a dog lives with a family he is a part of the family.  Only if you know that he will be welcomed by everyone should you purchase him and bring him home.   


If you have never owned a dog before, your first dog can be a pleasure.  It does mean, however, that you need to do your research well in advance of making your final decision.  You must know what to expect, and that you are ready to become a dog owner. 


Adopting a new dog can be a great experience.  Owning a dog can greatly enhance your life.  When you do some research and apply common sense, you are taking the first step toward acquiring and enjoying a brand-new friend. 


After talking about all of the responsibility of owning a dog, it should also be noted that there is a great deal of comfort, joy, and fun that come with having a dog. They are not nicknamed “man’s best friend” for no reason. After experiencing the joys of having a dog, all of the responsibilities and commitments listed above pale in comparison and won’t even be burdensome when you realize who you are taking care of.