Networking and Breed Research

Networking with Others 

You may not have thought of networking as being an important part of adopting a dog. There are a number of reasons why networking can make the adoption more successful. It can help you in choosing the right dog, and enhance the experience of being a dog owner.


Before you actually adopt a dog, you can learn a lot about the breed by networking with people who already own one. While there are many good ways to learn about dogs, nothing beats the first-hand experience of a dog owner. You can network with owners, either in person or online, and get very positive results. Most dog owners will love to share information with you, as well as personal stories about life with their pet. You can gain a wealth of valuable information and input from dog owners, and you may even make some new friends. 

Networking is also good after you have adopted your new dog and taken him home.  In many instances, the best place to get advice and the answers to questions is from people who have owned a dog for a long time.  They can be the ideal source of information, as well as friendships based on your common interest.


No matter what kind of dog you are considering, it is likely that you can find online forums and clubs devoted to your particular breed of dog and their owners.  In some regions, you may even be able to find clubs in person not far from where you live. 


In addition to these informal ways of networking, you may also be interested in the American Kennel Club or a similar organization.  The American Kennel Club is the perfect source for everything you need to know about your breed of dog.  They also provide listings of clubs for specific breeds, listings of breeders, and much, much more.  Regardless of the breed you have chosen, the American Kennel Club is your best source of both information and opportunities for networking. 


Whether you have already adopted a dog, or are still considering all of the possibilities, the firsthand information you receive by networking with other dog owners will be beyond compare. It should definitely be in your plans when you are adopting a new pet.    

Getting the Facts: Research your Breed 

The more you know about the dog you adopt, the happier you will be about your decision.  Getting the facts by researching the breed you have chosen is an essential step in being satisfied with your new pet.  There are some key points which you should look for when you are researching a breed.


If you have decided to adopt a purebred dog, you may have much or little interest in his pedigree. 


However, even if you do not consider it to be an important factor, you should still gain all of the information.  You can request a copy of the dog’s pedigree papers, which should include all of the details about his parentage and bloodline.  As many breeders of purebred dogs own the parents of the puppies they have for sale, visiting your new dog’s parents can be a positive experience. 


It is a good idea to be wary of breeders or individual dog owners who state that their dog is a purebred but do not have papers as proof of this.  While they may be completely honest, the possibility that they are not is something to keep in mind before you agree to adopt the dog. 


When you are researching the breed you have chosen, the main points are to help you in deciding if this is the right breed for you, and what to expect from owning your new pet.  You can research on the internet, by talking to owners and breeders, and by visiting the section about dogs in your local library.


Learning about the history of your breed can be an enlightening experience.  Whether you have interest in such factors as where the breed originated or not, there is valuable information to be found in the breed’s history.  One example is the breed that has been bred for a specific purpose.  Not only will you find this interesting, it will also help you to understand your dog’s temperament, attitude, and personality. 


What can you find in the history of a breed?  The facts you come up with may be astounding!  The dog you adopt may be the descendant of dogs owned by royalty, dogs which were primarily used as work animals, or dogs which were chosen as guardians of their masters.  The more you know about where your breed came from, the more you will understand how the pet you choose fits into your life today. 


Researching a breed includes learning about the standards for this particular breed.  Even if you are thinking no further than gaining a good companion, you may want the very best example of your breed. 


A little research will provide information on the factors which constitute top standards in color and markings, size, body tone, and other physical characteristics.  The highest quality dog will meet these standards.  


As you have already read in other pages, purebred dogs can come with a variety of health issues.  Before you adopt a purebred, researching the health issues commonly associated with your breed can help you to decide if you want to take this risk, and to be prepared in advance.  You need to know whether your breed is prone to developing health conditions from bone problems to cancer, and how you will deal with such conditions if they do occur. 


If these concerns do not deter you from adopting the breed of your choice, you may wish to check into purchasing health insurance for your pet when you adopt him.  You will then be better prepared for both the financial and the emotional aspects of health problems, and your dog will have a better chance for a longer lifespan.


You want the experience of owning a dog to be positive for both yourself and your new pet.  When you do a little research ahead of time, the experience can be a good one indeed!  You can gain a better understanding of your dog before he becomes a part of your family.  When you have all of this important knowledge in advance, you can focus on enjoying many years together with your new pet. 

Enjoying Your New Dog!  

Enjoying your new dog should come easily-- and, with a few tips in mind, it certainly can. Owning a dog is an adventure which you, your family, and your pet will benefit from in many ways. If you have prepared, it is a decision you will never regret. 


Enjoying your dog, and gaining the most from the experience of dog ownership, includes developing a strong bond between yourself and your new pet.  The time and attention you give to him during his earliest days in your home is the foundation for this bond.  Your new pet needs to know that you are glad he is with you, that you appreciate him, and that you love him.   


Talking with your dog when you spend time with him assists in forming this solid bond.  While he may not yet understand what you are saying, the time you take to communicate and the manner in which you communicate mean more to your new pet than you may realize.  A gentle, steady tone of voice will give him the message that you are someone he can count on and trust.  It will help him to develop confidence in you from the beginning. 


While it is important to be sure you tend to his daily upkeep and maintenance, having fun with your new dog is a very large part of ownership.  From quiet times you spend together to playtime, his need for healthy exercise goes hand-in-hand with knowing you truly enjoy his company.  Whether others in your family share in the responsibility for his upkeep or not, playtime is one aspect of dog ownership where everyone will surely agree. 


The bond you form and develop with your new dog will be with you both for years, or even decades.  It is one of the best parts of having a dog in your life.  You have a great new friend who appreciates you in return.  The dog you have adopted is a special part of your life to always love and treasure.