What About Watchdog?

It is common knowledge that watchdogs are the ones that bark the most as their primary duty is keeping us alert of the intruders that may be lurking outside our homes. They are the ones that signal us of any suspicious activity outside our home. They could pretty much at anything or anyone that is outside or anyone they have just met. This may be good but it’s not the best one if this happens on a regular basis.


Any breed, large or small, can be trained as a watchdog. As they mature, dogs naturally develop the ability to bark moderately to signal the arrival of a visitor. The ideal watchdog does not bark too loudly or insistently and, generally speaking, does not bite or attack. Puppies usually start barking between the ages of four and six months. If the owner fails to immediately correct the problem or encourages the barking, the dog will bark too much and guard his environment more aggressively. 


Now if the watch dog just barks at anything or anyone, then it is not a watchdog anymore as it could no longer identify threat from not. But if they sound the alarm or bark on cases that are potentially harmful or dangerous, then you have landed yourself a very prized watchdog.

If you take the trouble to give your dog plenty of exercise beforehand, and opportunity to relieve himself, a diverting to or bone, water and food, whenever you have to leave your dog at home alone for an evening, he will never howl or bark without some justifiable reason.


A simple trick to stop your dog from barking with joy when you come home in the middle of the night is to give him his ball or bone or favourite toy. He cannot hold something in his mouth and bark at the same time. He may gurgle with delight, but this will not disturb the neighbours. A few dogs are by nature a little fond of barking and making noise so these will take more doing than the others.


But do not mistake a watchdog from a guard dog. Most would agree that a watch dog watches the home and alerts others to the intruder by barking. Typically, the watchdogs are smaller, more excitable but will bark vigorously when they will feel the presence of intruders or anything they feel is out of the ordinary. Almost all dogs could be watch dogs.


A minor note on guard dogs so as not to be confused about them. Guard dogs are not the same as watch dogs, and if not properly socialized and trained, can be a far cry from the average family-loving pet. They are strong, large and imposing; their natural protective traits are honed to protect property or people.


If provoked, some of these dogs have the ability to cause serious damage by attacking. Most others will do what they can to protect their family and possessions but do not typically attack.


Despite their natural protective instincts, these dogs can be gentle and loving family members, if socialized and trained early in life. We do not want to see ourselves in the middle of misunderstanding among neighbours. The worse that could happen… Cops on our doorstep with that warrant against us and our dogs! We don’t want to see ourselves in court and our poor pooch in an uncomfortable place, away from the comfort of ourselves and our house. One legal complaint is very serious and could greatly affect the harmonious relationship with others.