Dangers of Excessive Barking

Dogs and barking dogs are two different species all together and while the first can be petted and cuddled and given biscuits to the latter can only be run away from. We cannot deny the fact that excessive barking can be troublesome for us. It can even be dangerous for us and for our pooch. It can be from neighbours or from dogs themselves; excessive barking must be kept at bay.


Barking is the dog’s instinctive means of giving a warning and it would be against your interest to discourage it. However, once you have been alerted, your dog should realize that his job is done. So select a word of praise, such as “Good Dog” or “Okay”, or command such as “quiet”, and give your dog a pat to indicate that he must now be still. 


Excess barking can be a serious behavioural problem and can mean the termination of the relationship with your dog or the dog itself if left untreated.

Intruders can also hurt our pets. A dog may bark to threaten intruders. This is usually a more menacing bark and may be accompanied by growling. Depending upon the situation, you may need to move the dog to a more secure location or quietly reassure him. Otherwise, the intruder might silence your dog for good.  A dog will also bark to warn other dogs or people of danger. The barking generally continues until the source of danger is removed or the dog is taken to safety.


Most barking dogs are quiet the activity master, every time they open their mouth they make something happen, either your mailman leaves, or your neighbour shuts his window and oh yes, yells out something nasty or your head splits into a thousand aching pieces. Unfortunately for them though activism isn’t as a rule appreciated by the average idle individual, to survive amongst humans you are expected to be as on leash as themselves. Thus all barking dogs need to be quieted and difficult though that task is it needs to be done.


There are times when dead in the night, we are sleeping so comfortably and soundly when our beloved pooch suddenly released that long, hair raising howl followed by an entire night of barking! Our eyes and ears lose its sleepiness and for the rest of the night, we join our pooch wide awake!!


Now this is troublesome for us but its worse for our neighbours. Some people tend to get violent when they disturbed especially at night when they are resting after a long day from work. At first they will air out there complain to us and then when the barking continues, some take matters into their own hands.


Some neighbours will feed everyday poisoned meat to the dogs they find nuisance. They are losing precious hours of sleep from the dog’s nightly backings, thus when the owners cannot control the dogs themselves, they will. Sometimes they just might go straight to the dog and show extreme violence.


Possibly one of the most annoying action to your neighbours about your dog is your dog's barking. If he displaces everything in your home, then that does not have an effect on your neighbours too much. But the continuous barking day in and night will end up with community difference of opinion and calls to the police force.


What about chronic barking? This can pose physical threat if not damage to the dog. Do you know that exercise often stop your dogs chronic barking? Well, barking is sometimes a sign of boredom and frustration. Therefore, you may actually be harming your dog by not exercising him!  That's because a bored dog is far more likely to bark than an active dog. So it's up to you to make the time necessary to keep your dog active and stimulated..


If you want to stop your dogs chronic barking then you should try increasing the amount of exercise that he or she gets every day. This will tire your dog out while also providing much needed stimulation. And both of these factors will work together to reduce or even stop your dogs chronic barking


Everything boils down to how the owner trains their dog. If you reward the dog for barking, then the dog will understand that it's a good thing to bark. If you don't reward the dog for barking, the dog will understand that it's a bad thing to bark.